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Sneak Peak from The "Calendar For Writers"

The Calendar For Writers 2019-2020
Sneak Peek of "What It Takes To Write A Book" by Morgan Wright

What it Takes to Write a Book: The Major Stages

by Morgan Wright

1) Get Started.
You have to start writing. You might be inclined to say "Well, duh! Obvious, don't you think?", but this part is actually the least acknowledged. For some reason, writers think that the words will magically appear on the page next time they log-on to their computer. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen and delaying your writing doesn’t get it finished any faster. So, decide what you're going to write, create outlines if you're an outliner, just do whatever you need to do, and commit yourself to the work and just begin.

2) Find motivation and never give up.
As a writer, you're going to be overwhelmed by the challenges you'll face but the one that’ll affect you the most throughout your entire writing career is crippling self-doubt. There will be days (many, many days) that you'll wonder why you even do it, all the while feeling like setting your work on fire; other days you'll want to hit your head repeatedly on your desk and just continue doing that. This, sadly enough, is unavoidable. It’s also completely normal. But rather than wallowing in this black, soul- sucking hole of insecurity and frustration, try to find motivation. Other writers, beta readers, family... all these people can offer amazing support and motivation. However, you can't constantly rely on them to pick you up when you're down, or else this would become their full-time occupation. So, motivate yourself. When you sit behind your desk to tackle a difficult scene, don't worry about whether or not you'll succeed, know you will if you put your mind to it. Congratulate yourself not because you've managed to write ten pages, but because you've managed to write one great line.


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