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Upcoming Debut: The Traitor's Gambit by Morgan Wright

So, the moment has arrived. I am officially and publicly revealing that my debut novel is called "The Traitor's Gambit". It will be the first book in a dark fantasy series called "The Downdrifter's Inheritance".

Stay tuned for the official cover unveiling :D!!

Before now I've told very few people about this; people I swore to complete secrecy. Some of those people asked: But... what about "The Company of Wretches"? (i.e. the only book title prior to "The Traitor’s Gambit" that I’ve actually been brave enough to make public😅).

I was always a bit ambivalent about The Company of Wretches being my debut because it's a short story collection and short story collections tend to do better when the author is already an established, published author. But the thing was that, even though I'd revealed that The Company of Wretches was one of the projects I was working on, I hadn’t figured out yet which of my works would be my debut and, as such, which of my works I had to give priority status to.

That is, until 5 months ago when everything suddenly fell into place.

I was working on a short story that I’d originally planned to go into The Company of Wretches when I realized that the true scope of the story was much grander. So I started fleshing out my story, outlining my characters, their backgrounds, their relations to the current conflict in the story... and before I knew it I suddenly had a massive timeframe and a massive story arc that I just knew- from a gut feeling- had to be written, completed and out there before I published anything else. So I started writing my first chapters and got past 1/4 of the book’s total estimated word count incredibly fast. The words just poured out and they've kept flowing ever since (*fingers crossed it stays that way- dreaded writer's block, stay away😂*).

As such, The Company of Wretches (@CompanyWretches) will be coming out after The Traitor's Gambit as its short stories are based in the same world as The Downdrifter's Inheritance series. It will contain side-stories to the main story in The Downdrifter's Inheritance series and most of the short stories will occur around the same time-frame as The Traitor’s Gambit meaning you’ll get extra insight into certain characters, worldbuilding characteristics as well as get insight into stories that set the main story in motion.

I have at least 2 other series planned which are set in this same world as well as one short story collection (though it’s very likely that this will grow bigger as I keep writing and developing).

I’ve been working on creating this world for the better part of 6 years now. I started crafting the world’s foundational tales when I was 15. At that time, I also wrote a book set in that world mainly to get to know my world. But, to be honest, it’s a throwaway book because it really wasn't any good😂 but that was the intent... (sort of😂). It was never a book meant to be published; it was just me meeting my world, its quirks and learning how to navigate in it as easily as I navigate in our real one.

I’ll be publishing more and more updates on how The Traitor’s Gambit is coming along on a new Twitter account I created purely for my series, called @Drifter_Series. I'll be posting about my process, but most importantly, about the mistakes I will inevitably make because that’s the thing I think one learns the most from (I do, anyway). I’ll be covering worldbuilding and its precarious difficulties, book cover design, editing, social media marketing, publishing, book printing (and a ton more of things that I probably won't think of until I actually come to face-to-face with it. But that’s just part of the adventure and I’m 100% convinced that it’s going to be a pretty thrilling ride. I hope you’ll do me the honour of hopping on this rollercoaster ride with me).

So, for now, this is it.
Welcome to my official debut: The Traitor’s Gambit.
(If you’ll excuse me, I’m now going outside so I can scream it from the rooftops. Thank you😁).

To stay tuned for further updates regarding my work and blog,

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