Over 3000 book covers animated!!

Animated covers get more social media engagement than still covers, increasing your chances of making more sales

and of getting word out about your book. We tested this on Twitter with my close friend’s upcoming debut, Asteria.

He did one tweet with the still version of his cover and one tweet with the animated version of his cover. 


The still cover received 4 replies, 11 retweets and 20 likes. The animated cover received 15 replies, 44 retweets, 101 likes.

A massive difference even though it was the same cover. The reason? Simple. Elements in motion drive the eye to focus on it longer as there’s more to see. And because people have to linger longer, they’re more likely to retweet/share, like, reply and/or check out the book on Amazon and other sites.


Animated covers are a marketing trend that’s becoming more and more popular. And eye-catching covers deserve recognition because the reality is that most people do still judge a book by its cover. It's the first thing readers see and

the first thing that makes them decide whether to check out the book or not. And since animation jumps out, having an animated cover ensures that future readers will hover over your book instead of just scrolling past it in their

social media timeline.



^What do I animate &

what genres?^

 ^How do I work?^

  • Book Covers & 3D Mockups

  • Banners & Audiobooks


*If you want me to animate something else (album covers, other artwork etc), please get in touch and we’ll discuss.

*Bear in mind, I do not design book covers or 3D mockups. All files you want animated need to be provided by you.

I animate all genres except extreme erotica or horror (i.e. no images with an extreme amount of gore, adult content etc). The reason for these exceptions is that I cannot upload these covers per Twitter and Youtube’s rules which have put limitations on the kinds of media that can be shared.


***Please note, for this reason, all submissions are subject to approval.

Most animators charge anywhere from $20-75 per cover and have a

“you get what I give you” mentality.

I don’t.


Because of not so positive past experiences with animators, I chose to learn animation during the time I was at university & after graduation, I decide to offer my skills for others to make use of.


I prefer the fully personalized approach by keeping in touch with the author during the process via Twitter DM or email (whichever’s most convenient) to show you how your cover is coming and to bring any changes you like.


I’m an author myself so I know that this puts the author most at ease- if you’re anything like me, the standard, non-personalized approach is exactly the thing that puts you at risk of

a having a nervous breakdown.

"Morgan delivers mind-blowing results! What an amazing way to grab the attention of readers! She grasps your vision with both hands and masterfully represents it in a beautiful animation. Working with Morgan is always an uplifting experience; she is caring and passionate with a talent for design and a drive for ultimate perfection."

- David Collins, Author of Asteria



(Usual price: €14.95 - €17.95)

(I have now animated over 2500 covers since I launched my service in August 2019. Due to extreme high demand and the incredible loyalty and support I have received from customers and Twitter followers, I am able to keep offering my animations at low rates. Thank you all so much. Here's my gift to you. This way any author, at any budget, can have their book cover animated. Thank you all for making this possible.)

*Although not listed in the packages below, I also animate audiobooks, banners and other images

for €12.95 (estimated $14).

One Book Cover Animation

What you get: 

  • 1x Animated Book Cover (up to 2 variations for you to choose from; and if you like both variations, you can use both).


(estimated $14.00)

Mini Animated Cover Trailer Video

Already had your cover(s) animated by me or want to purchase this special trailer video along with one of the former animation packages?

What you get: 

  • Includes customized music composed for you by GeeGee Music Productions (you will choose the genre, style & mood the music needs to be composed in so it fits your book(s)).

  • The trailer video will feature whichever animations I've created for you that you want featured (be this focused on one cover alone, an entire series or all your books). 

  • The trailer will be between 40-55 seconds (the sweet spot to hold the reader's attention).

  • The trailer will have up to 5 text panels featuring text of your choosing (taglines, book reviews etc).


(estimated $29)

Multiple Book Cover Animations

Do you need more than one book cover animated? *Extra discount per cover!!

What you get: 

  • Multiple Animated Book Covers (up to 2 variations on each cover for you to choose from; and if you like both variations, you can use both.)

€10.95 per cover

(estimated $12.00)

3D Mockup Animation

Do you have a 3D mockup or multiple 3D mockups in need of animation?

What you get: 

  • Animated Book Cover Mockup(s).

*Understand, the book cover itself will not be animated here but rather the mockup by adding overlays (sparkles, mist, smoke, fire etc) so be aware of this limitation. If you’re looking for book cover animation (which adds motion to your cover, overlays and more), any of the first 2 packages are recommended.

€9.00 per mockup

(estimated $10.00)


All animation packages are available with AUDIO.

If you want an animated book cover with personalized music created by GeeGee Music Productions, please add €14.95 (estimated $17) per cover to your chosen package above

(*note- there are no revisions for music).


Animations with Audio include:

- Book Cover Animation without Audio (as listed in the packages above)

- PLUS, Lengthened Animation with Personalized Audio

**If you want a special video made for the animated cover(s) you've purchased with me,
please check out my new "MINI ANIMATED COVER TRAILER VIDEO" package.


Mini Animated Cover Trailer Video


  • Per week, 8-10 covers chosen at random will receive 1 free tweet with their animated cover/mockup to over 84K followers on @byMorganWright’s Twitter page.

  • If you haven’t done your cover reveal yet, you can ask me via email to schedule the Youtube placement (and the tweet, if applicable) in the future and then email me when I’m allowed to go live.

"The reality of Morgan Wright's gorgeous book cover animations is amazing. We've been privileged to see several in-progress and are thrilled to be among her first published. Each animation has Morgan's unique, artistic touch...a welcome addition for Twitter's writers in publicizing their books!"

- Crassus Media,

Independent Publishing Company

​^Steps to getting your animation^

1. Choose your package

Do you need a cover, mockup, audiobook or banner animated? How many?

With or without music?

Do you want a "Mini Animated Cover Trailer" video as well?

​^Terms & Conditions^

**By purchasing an animated cover/mockup/banner/audiobook/mini trailer video with me (Morgan Wright), you agree that: 

  • Payment proceeds via Paypal and is made in euros regardless of your country currency as I reside in Europe. (The estimated dollar amounts seen above next to the euro prices are very rough estimations of what the euro price equals in dollars and serve only to give you a rough idea of what it would cost you in another currency in case you are unaccustomed to seeing euros. Paypal’s exchange rates may differ so the cost in dollars may differ as well. If you wish to know what it would cost in your country currency- even though payment is made in euros- you should check with Paypal).

  • I do not guarantee sales, likes or retweets as a result of this service.

  • The fee is non-refundable.

  • There are revision limits per cover, banner, audiobook or mockup to ensure that a clear vision of what the author is looking for is conveyed from the start. There are 2 revisions per cover/mockup/audiobook/banner/mini animated cover trailer video. If you would still want revisions after the 2nd revision, €3.95 extra would be needed per added revision. In 99% of all cases, you won’t need more than 1 revision. There are no revisions for the animated cover displays/animated cover ads/animated cover sneak peeks or music packages.

  • I maintain the right to send you promotional and/or new offers regarding Book Cover Animations via email.

  • Whenever possible, credit should be given and the animator should be listed as Morgan Wright or @byMorganWright.

  • You are allowed to use any of the final 2 variations I provide you with and if you like both variations, you are welcome to use both (in this case, you would get 2 animations for the price of 1 which is my ideal scenario). 

  • If your book is not yet published or you have not yet done your cover reveal, inform me of this via email & I will not share your animations anywhere until you have given me permission via email to do so.

  • If you are purchasing a combo package of Cover Animation + Audio or a Mini Animated Cover Trailer Video, you are granted a non-exclusive license to the personalized music (the musicians may reuse this in other projects at will). Your use of the music is limited only to the final project video you are provided with (you may not copy the music and reuse it in another video or form). There are no revisions for music. Whenever possible, credit for the music should be given to GeeGee Music Productions or @GeeGeeMusicPro.

  • *I maintain the right to update these terms and conditions at any moment. In order to maintain updated on the most current version, check here regularly. Terms & Conditions last updated: September 16, 2020.

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“You're a wizard with book cover animation, @byMorganWright!!! And you're super fun to work with!! I can't thank you enough. I've already seen a boost in email signups AND book sales. Everyone should hire you to sprinkle your magic on their book covers!! @byMorganWright does a truly enchanting job animating book covers. And they're super affordable! Be sure to contact her if you want to kick your promo up a notch.” 

—  V. G. Anderson


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